Shopping Services


This is an important part of wellbeing and independence enabling you to be in control of what food to purchase. With KindCare support your supermarket shopping will be a pleasure because you are escorted by us to make your day better. Whatever you choose, either escorted or home delivery services, we can support you.

We offer support with the shopping list, transport, pick up, pack the goods, carrying goods, unpack at your home, and make you comfortable and safe.

We assist you with transport and around the food store. This is the opportunity to get out and interact with others. Otherwise, we can go and get your shopping at your favourite supermarket and then deliver it to you. There is another option, an internet shopping service, where the order is placed on your behalf and delivery is made to your home by the store at an agreed time and date and that is even if you do not have internet access. We ensure a regular food delivery over which you have control.

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