Medication Management

It is the right of all using the KindCare services to expect a high standard of care. Therefore we will cooperate fully with others involved in the care of a KindCare user, and we will respond effectively to emergency situations. We will share information in a confidential manner with all relevant families, services, teams, or agencies in order to enable the care needs of KindCare user to be met. KindCare fully endorses “NO DECISION ABOUT ME, WITHOUT ME”. Support will be provided to ensure that KindCare users can be at the heart of all decisions and that information is shared in an accessible format.

KindCare understand the importance of safe, reliable care and will ensure that good communication and continuity of care are maintained in order to achieve all the 6 rights of medication.

We administer medication in a safe, effective, caring, well-led procedure.

We ensure good governance procedures are in place for medicine handling with  evidence that they have been adhered to by KindCare workers.

KindCare monitor through systematic review as part of safe medication management.

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