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Hair Care

We help KindCare users to look and feel their best which can be an unexpected challenge for them. Therefore, we provide instructions to make washing and styling hair easier.


Considering KindCare user’s thinner, more delicate skin, incontinence and a sedentary lifestyle can easily lead to skin breakdown. Experienced KindCare workers have the best training to maintain skin integrity and health.

The ability to dress and maintain hygiene are important activities and seniors lose the ability to accomplish this. KindCare workers have hands-on experience and they are supported with best tips and suggestions to encourage a senior to wash and put on clean clothes to maintain hygiene.
We offer best tips for getting rid of stubborn stains and odours caused by urinary incontinence.
We train KindCare workers and provide tips regularly to better understand difficult dementia behaviours and help KindCare users to stay clean and comfortable.
We are proactive about finding the root of poor hygiene and offering the solution.

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