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Meal Preparation

We offer support to maintain a healthy lifestyle; however, this is your choice. All KindCare workers will offer encouragement and practical assistance at mealtime as required, whilst maintaining privacy and dignity at all times. Arrangements will be in place so that there is access to food and fluids when KindCare workers are not there.

KindCare workers will establish the nutrition and hydration needs, wishes and preferences at the assessment stage and screen all KindCare users for nutritional risk on commencement of their care. At that point the information will be gathered and recorded as well as medical history, information about food allergies and conditions that may affect KindCare users’ ability to eat and drink independently. 

Care Plan will be produced for all KindCare users that details the wishes, preferences, abilities, medical conditions, and support required in relation to meeting nutrition and hydration needs. KindCare users will be fully involved (in  the absence of capacity, the decisions will be made in accordance with the Mental Capacity Act 2005).

All food preparation processes will comply with food and safety legislation.

Diet Planning

We can assist you with planning, shopping and preparation of the meal of your choice. We provide support to create meal plans that include foods that you like with the balance that your body needs.

Advice, guidance and resources will be available to support KinCare users to make informed decisions around managing their nutrition and hydration needs.

KindCare workers will seek expert timely advice from appropriately trained professionals where there is an identified need to enhance oral intake, manage artificial nutritional support or manage complex conditions that my require modifications to diet or fluids. 

We work in partnership with the GP when required:  KindCare workers are responsible for informing the GP where there is need for intervention ensuring that any referrals by the GP are followed up and achieved.


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