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If you can dream we can be the enabler. Travel regardless of special needs, because we are here to support you, making it safe and affordable.

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Your perfect holiday!

With unlimited sunshine, we can support you to tailor make your perfect holiday with plenty of family-friendly activities. We will be there from the first step by searching with you to plan your desired break... Won't stay a secret for long!

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Let's get you where you want to be. Find the inspiration right for you.
Epic memory maker. KindCare workers enable you to have short breaks, plenty of activities to choose from, accessible accommodation, transfers, mobility equipment hire, wheelchair accessible resorts.
All subject to availability, therefore booking only well in advance, also flexibility in dates may make it affordable.








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As we get older it’s more likely that we may need a little extra support. Planning ahead and knowing your options around the sort of care and support that’s out there (and what it might cost) can help you or your loved ones avoid the need to make a hasty decision in the future. Download a handy guide of things to talk to your loved ones about at: If you’re looking for information about local care and support that’s currently available for adults in the county, visit Connect to Support Surrey:


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