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We love to be by your side (12 hours)

We offer a high level of quality of life by supporting you in your requirements. We are client centric and help you to live life to the full. All our KindCare workers are experience and well trained to this end.
Therefore, nor diversity, nor strategic fit is a challenge for us.


What We Do

Your home is our workspace

We offer companion services and much more. Now it is your choice to stay at your own home independently, an alternative to a care home. This gives the advantage of empowering your choices and enabling you to stay in your own surroundings around people that you know and love. We are 100% personalised to suits your daily needs.



Having a hand to hold allows you to get out or to get things done for you. Therefore, we fit in with our client diversity and respect their choice. We offer practical support to do the shopping list, provide the transport, walk by your side, collect and checkout, as well as unpacking at home. If you prefer we can do all this for you.



As and when you want to go out for coffee, meetings, health appointments, family meetings, exercise classes, whatever is your plan we will strive to make it possible and safe. With our help it is possible to stay active and socially engaged.


Administer medication

Why it is important to take your medication in the right way? Because drugs can be dangerous, even when they are meant to improve your health, Therefore, KindCare workers are well trained to understand and correctly administer your medication observing the right person, drug, dose, timing, route and to document it straight away. Also we respect your right to refuse. We start by doing the medication assessment, followed by a Medication Administration Record. Afterwards, KindCare Workers will administer your medication allowing you peace of mind.

Meal preparation

Enjoy delectable homemade meals. Treat yourselves to truly indulgent and stunning meals, prepared by KindCare workers.
Choose when you eat, what you eat and where you eat.


Personal care

Experienced KindCare workers will assist you with your requirements to make you feel comfortable. This is delivered according to your daily decisions. We maintain exceptional communication and respect your privacy and rights.


"We have known the director of KindCare for several years when she worked for us in one capacity and for a disabled couple of friends of ours in another capacity. In both roles she was a huge asset: she is a rare combination of efficiency and kindness. While she is thorough and painstaking in all she does, she is also a compassionate friend who will go the extra mile for her clients."
Ruth & Alex Hunter, Merstham
31 December 2018

As we get older it’s more likely that we may need a little extra support. Planning ahead and knowing your options around the sort of care and support that’s out there (and what it might cost) can help you or your loved ones avoid the need to make a hasty decision in the future. Download a handy guide of things to talk to your loved ones about at: If you’re looking for information about local care and support that’s currently available for adults in the county, visit Connect to Support Surrey:


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