The art of life style

We will never regret being a reason someone smiles. If you can dream we can be the enabler to make your dream a reality. Get complete control over your day and choose:
with whom, 
what to do,
 how long,
make changes, etc.

Your opportunity to design  your day out. We plan to make a difference to your day. Get a chance to socialise with assistance. 

Reduced mobility prevents getting out and experiencing freedom. As a result of searching we have a list of options and links to sources of information to enable opportunities and empower freedom. Enjoy the activities you love most.

Mobility can make a day out stressful at some point or another, however, restricted mobility can not stop you enjoying your life. We are here to enable you possibilities and choices.

night out web

A wide selection of accessible days out

Feels Like Home Cakes

Accessibility Europe


History interest



Sports or centres

Exercise class


Tourism for all

Find your perfect day out

Welcome to acts of kindness and enjoy the journey. Take a look of where you could be exploring, we aim to observe all your special needs.



Accessibility which can accommodate wheelchairs.

A stair-lift


Range of options to suit all different levels of mobility.

Facilities Accessories

Accessibility shower wheelchair, stand grab rails, ramps, etc.

1 Shower with hoist

Walk-in Shower

Empowering your independence and enabling relaxing time.

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As we get older it’s more likely that we may need a little extra support. Planning ahead and knowing your options around the sort of care and support that’s out there (and what it might cost) can help you or your loved ones avoid the need to make a hasty decision in the future. Download a handy guide of things to talk to your loved ones about at: If you’re looking for information about local care and support that’s currently available for adults in the county, visit Connect to Support Surrey:


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