I confirm that I understand the follow:

  • I understand my role and responsibilities.
  • I have access to QCS APP.
  • I have access to KindCare Workers Hand Book on QCS APP (PC08).
  • KindCare at Home Ltd engages a number of individuals in different ways. Individuals may be engaged as employees, as workers, as self-employed contractors or as a company contractors  (e.g. LLP, Ltd or any other type of company). The status of these individuals will be determined solely by KindCare at Home Ltd with reference to appropriate HMRC rules and good practice.
  • Workers, self-employed contractors or company contractors are not employees of KindCare at Home Ltd. Workers may be used on a “bank” system whereby the worker indicates that they would like to be added to a pool of workers and hours of work will then be offered to the worker as and when needed by KindCare at Home Ltd. Workers may be used where there is a required by KinCare At Home. Workers will, therefore, be engaged “ad hoc” and will not have regular set hours of Work. 
  • KindCare at Home Ltd has no obligation to offer any work at all to a worker and the worker has no obligation to accept any work offered. As workers are not guaranteed a minimum number of hours each week and may not receive any work at all, workers are free to engage in other work or activity for other employers.
  • Workers are only entitled to be paid in respect of the work that they undertake. Workers will not be paid when they are not carrying out work for KindCare at Home Ltd.
  • Self-employed contractors and Company Contractors are not employees and are not workers. Self-employed contractors and Company Contractors work for themselves, do not have to perform tasks themselves, can choose when and how to do the work, can work for other individuals and companies and are responsible for their own tax and National Insurance Contributions.
  • It is anticipated that KindCare at Home Ltd will only engage self-employed contractors in appropriate circumstances for a particular project. It is not anticipated that KindCare at Home Ltd will engage self- employed contractors on an ongoing open-ended basis. An exception may be the use of contractors to provide bookkeeping or consultancy services or between Company LLP in any services contracts required by KindCare At Home Ltd.

  • This policy does not form part of an employee’s contract of employment and may be amended at any time.

By signing below you confirm that you read and understood the above information, and know which refers to you. If you do not accept it please do not sign below and leave this page. For further information contact KindCare management team.

As we get older it’s more likely that we may need a little extra support. Planning ahead and knowing your options around the sort of care and support that’s out there (and what it might cost) can help you or your loved ones avoid the need to make a hasty decision in the future. Download a handy guide of things to talk to your loved ones about at: If you’re looking for information about local care and support that’s currently available for adults in the county, visit Connect to Support Surrey:


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