We are exceptional in our responsiveness to people's changing needs.

Hospital or GP Appointment

KindCare’s workers will take you to the hospital, remain with you throughout the process, and return you back home. KindCare’s workers undertake full induction and training to help you with your hospital escort service, making it run smoothly and supporting you with any special needs such as a catheter bag, toileting, meal, etc. However, if your requirement is only transport we can take you to and from there, as required.

The Perfect Surrounding

We can make it possible, by taking you where you want to be and assist you while your are there. Also we can take you back home if you wish. 

Fine Food Cuisine

Want to enjoy a nice meal and meet friends? We are here to make it possible and a happy moment to remember. We can be with you as a companion or just take you there and bring you back home, all tailored to your choice. Just let us know your requirements.

Hairdresser appointment

Wish to treat yourself with bespoke hair styling? Choose your favourite place and we enable it by supporting you with transport and with other special needs. We have got well trained KindCare’s workers to make it enjoyable and safe.

Dentist Appointment

We are here; so do not worry. We will support you throughout and get you back home safe and comfortable.

This is an important part of wellbeing and independence enabling you to be in control of what food to purchase. With KindCare support, your supermarket shopping will be a pleasure because you are escorted by us to make your day better. Whatever you choose either escorted or home delivery services, we can support you.

The Best Experience Ever

"...I have had the opportunity to observe the owner's professional skills as well as her interpersonal style and find her to be consistently professional and cares for her clients with kindness and dignity..."
Teacher and Careworker

Have control on your next appointment

As we get older it’s more likely that we may need a little extra support. Planning ahead and knowing your options around the sort of care and support that’s out there (and what it might cost) can help you or your loved ones avoid the need to make a hasty decision in the future. Download a handy guide of things to talk to your loved ones about at: If you’re looking for information about local care and support that’s currently available for adults in the county, visit Connect to Support Surrey:


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